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Information and comments related primarily to the PADI stamp from Pine64

Perpetual tools maintenance

When it became obvious that just using the AT commands and built in WiFi capabilities would not be enough to realize this project I investigated what would be needed to build new binaries for these PADI modules. Not a very complex system, compared to most but it does include a SOC, WiFi module and RTOS all rolled into one binary. Thankfully there is an available build package for this chip from Ameba.

To build the Ameba binary I needed some libraries for cygwin which forced an update to that package. That build went flawlessly. Building OpenOCD under cygwin for the command line revealed that this version does not support the STlink. The prebuilt Eclipse OpenOCD needed a newer version of Eclipse which forced upgrades to the Android SDK which required a newer Android Studio. The STlink V2 needed to be upgraded which required new drivers and utilities. All of this to get to the point where I could just verify that the rebuilt package matched the binary on the device and functioned.

It isn’t developing for these platforms that’s difficult, it’s maintaining the toolchain…